Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

My mom cooked the turkey and most everything else. I made a pecan pie, sweet potato supreme and some jello salad. I grew the green beans, so that counts for something, maybe. . .

It was a month of turkey crafting for me.

I embroidered another towel. Pattern from Here. She already has her December pattern posted. I'll get right on that.

I made this set of Thanksgiving dish cloths as a gift for my mom, since she was hosting. Pattern is a Ravelry download. A fun project and I hated keeping them secret from her.

Did she use them to wash up after Thanksgiving? Of course not.

Not much shopping for us, my brother makes his special black fruitcake on the day after Thanksgiving. It has to soak in bourbon before he sends it out. Saw New Moon with a friend and her daughter, it was fun and funnier than the Twilight movie.

Bought a dress for dh's company formal. I'm not making anything this year. It's going to be the last party, which is kind of sad, the company has been sold. I bought some gorgeous shoes and a bag at Shoe Gallery this morning. A great place to go for accessories. . .


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tom Turkey

Seems like this month has escaped from me somehow. I just finished reading a 1458 page book, so I guess that's why I have so little to show for myself this month. (When a long book like that ends in a way you disapprove of, there is definitely a period of anger to get through. I've given months of my life to these people, and for what??? No spoilers, I promise.)

This is Tom Turkey, a free pattern from Lion Brand. I made another one to give my mom when I was visiting her a couple of weeks ago.

Here's a closeup of his tail. None of the pattern photos show it in a helpful way (so you can arrange the colors properly), so I thought I would in case anyone is working on it and wants to see. . .

My other project is a secret for now, but I'll be able to post it after Thanksgiving. I need to work on making some online photo albums, holiday cards, and calendars over the next couple of weeks.

I have a tote bag in the sewing queue. I bought a couple of new Hot Patterns, but haven't gotten beyond studying them at night and falling asleep with them in my bed. Sad, but true. . .

Basketball season started, so that means I need to get out my tiny Christmas ornament knitting once again. I have a bunch of sock yarn leftovers to play with.


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