Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was planning on taking another photo of this doily against a dark background, but then I realized that if I waited to get that done, I'd never get a post up at all.

I don't really like doilies, but I love to make them. I get so sad going into a thrift shop and seeing them for sale for 50 cents and thinking about how much work someone did on them.

The pattern for this one came from a Leisure Arts Booklet, A Year of Doilies Book 5, and it's the design for May. They show it in yellow, with a Mexican fiesta theme. The thread I used is Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Crochet Thread in Zen Green. I find complete irony in the fact that such an old fashioned product as Aunt Lydia's has to get with the times and make an eco-friendly thread. (Worlds are colliding here!) That said, the resulting doily is softer and fuzzier than regular cotton and I think I prefer regular cotton.

I have no idea what my next project will be. I've been working over my strawberry patch this weekend, but not getting much done because it wears me out. Hope to have it weeded and fertilized by the end of the week if I work a bit each day. Planting tomatoes next weekend.

I'm having my book club over tomorrow night, so I'm trying to clean and finish reading the book, and think about food to serve. I'm choosing the next read for us, so I need to put some thought into that as well.

About the new job, probably the less said the better. The commute is taking the wind out of my sails, so I'm hoping to transition to work from home ASAP. My stress levels might return to normal and I may be able to sleep again, I hope.


Blogger PokCalaway0710 said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical. ........................................

7:44 PM  
Blogger marit said...

Cute doily! I used to crochet all the time, but now it's mostly knitting...

12:45 PM  

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