Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm not technically participating in the Socktoberfest happenings at Ravelry or anywhere else, but I finished a pair of very October-hued socks. Same old pattern I always use, but I thought I better ease back into knitting with something easy. (I rotated this photo once, not sure what happened here. . .)

Another photo from Fall Creek Falls. We stayed in the park hotel which was right on the lake. It was great to walk right out of your hotel room and fish and skip rocks. The girls went kayaking. We also biked -- there was a nice paved trail right by the hotel and of course the girls wanted to escape from us on the bikes.

The fall has been busy with lacrosse:

It has been Indian summer around here, still in the 80s, but cool at night. Can't wait for it to get cold. I'm so tired of summer clothes.

My last day at the *real job* is Tuesday, so I am finally seeing some daylight. I gave them two months notice, which was WAY too long. As disillusioned as I was about working there, it felt like torture staying on. I had some deadline work to finish up and my clients were very passive aggressive about waiting until the last minute on everything. I tried to warn them, but no one listens to me. After one of them had to pay a huge fine for lateness, maybe they learned a lesson. Doubt it.

I had one last minute project turn up on Friday that is due at the end of this week and I'm trying to decide whether to go with my original plan to leave Tuesday and stranding a coworker with the beastly last-minute clients, or to stay and service them myself. Think I'll leave. . .

I hope to blog more and I have a few projects for the house I've been putting off. Dh painted the downstairs bathroom this summer and I need to make new curtains and buy new towels and rugs. I also want to sew some clothes for myself once it cools off a bit.


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