Sunday, May 16, 2010


So dh is trying a new project. He's planted a pumpkin in this self-watering container. He found the instructions online somewhere. I admit I'm a bit sceptical because I've never had good luck with growing vegetables in containers. We actually have a big spot of ground he could have used, but he didn't want to water every day.

This is a summer squash plant. I am going to stay on top of it this year and not let the stem borers defeat me. You have to watch out for sawdust, which tells you that they are eating the stem. Then you cut them out and pile more soil around the stem and let it reroot itself.

The gardenias are just starting to bloom on one side of the porch. They start on the south side and go around. It seems early to me.

Strawberries are coming in like crazy. I made a batch of freezer jam yesterday and I hope to make at least two more batches before the season is over.

I made a set of curtains for my sewing room last weekend. I've only had the fabric since we moved in over five years ago. Embarrassing. Still haven't made cushion covers for the window seats. Maybe I'll get to it this summer.

I begin working from home this week. I have no idea how that will pan out. I'm afraid it will make me feel like I've always got something hanging over my head and I'll never be able to relax at home. On the other hand, not commuting will give me an extra 8 hours a week of time and I don't have any privacy or a phone when I'm working at the office. So far I've been sharing space with the boss, sitting at a desk in his office. It's hard to concentrate with meetings and conference calls in the background. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!


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人人都可以成為自己生命的建築師,只要有心,人人都是食神 哈哈 ....................................................

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