Saturday, June 14, 2008


My first vegetable of the season. I don't really like zucchini all that well, but I saw a recipe for chocolate chip muffins made with it. I might try to trick the kids.

I am growing flowers on my porch. Literally.

I haven't had a flower in my house in three years because the cats knock them over. For some reason they haven't found this bouquet yet. (I love the bag of Tidy Cat in the background.)

Chuy is still adjusting. True to her name, she chews on everything, including me, so we're trying to break that habit.

I've been taking her out to look for letterboxes and geocaches this week while dd was at art camp. Puppy gets so tired in the afternoon and conks out in the car.

*I really, really, don't like dogs.*

I'm not making anything lately. Reading, swimming, gardening, driving kids around mostly. I did finish a first sock, started the second yesterday, so maybe I'll have something to post next week. I already feel like the summer is getting away from me. . .

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Blogger SisterDG said...

I was thinking of you while geocaching with my nephew yesterday!

This is an awesome zucchini recipe:

7:37 AM  

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