Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally an FO

I don't know why this tiny item took me so long to make. The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. The yarn is Malabrigo Melilla worsted weight (color 226) and it took two skeins. I used size 6 needles and now I think maybe I could have gone up a size because it's a little tinier than I expected. The baby was born a few weeks ago, and I hope it fits her next fall. I put a 12 MO size tag in it (wishful thinking).

I used the notes that function as a sort of cheat sheet, with the stitch counts included. You can find it at the ravelry link (The author is Dawn Adcock). I don't think I would have finished it otherwise. I was really distracted on this project (Puppy!) and had to rip and redo things a lot. I think the finished item is really cute.  The mom is a knitter so I hope she appreciates it and that she doesn't hate me for making a handwash only item.

*This is how I roll. . . *

We are leaving day after tomorrow for our annual trip to the beach. I'm coming back a day early to go to my cousin's wedding with my parents. Luckily, a dress I made last year (Hot Patterns) fits fine and has never been worn, so I didn't make anything this time.

I wimped out and failed to make my regular teacher's gift of a custom bag, just contributed to the group gift from the class. I feel bad, we had an awesome teacher this year, but I just couldn't get it together. Dh has been out of town a lot and I had a surprise visit from a friend last weekend (Eagles concert!) plus the pup. I know, enough excuses. . .

See you guys in about a week!



Blogger marit said...

What a cute puppy!
The EZ baby surprise jacket looks great! Lucky baby!

11:29 PM  

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