Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Is that the sweetest, yet most pathetic thing you have ever seen?

She came home on Saturday. The cats are a bit miffed.

I spent the weekend with ds at my mom's while dh and dd bonded with the puppy. She really wants to play with the cats, but they aren't having it.

We had fun in TN, and ds found this in my parents' back yard.

I think it's an Eastern Box Turtle. We couldn't get him to stick his head out (of course) and then we got a quick thunderstorm and had to go in, so he got away before I could get a good photo.

We went letterboxing at the nearby Greenway Park, which has a really interesting old quarry. You can see the fish, and make lots of echos.

My mom fixed fried chicken for dinner and I made a strawberry cake out of a Paula Deen magazine. Great weekend. . .



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