Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We fished a little this weekend. Dh's company had a family fishing tournament on Saturday at one of the big lakes nearby. Nobody caught a thing. Ds was worrying me to death afterwards because he won a new tackle box in a drawing at the tournament, and he wanted to use it. We went up to the pond in our subdivision, which has lots of sunnies, and used bacon to catch them. A grandmother and granddaughter came by with bread to feed them with and we discovered that when they are in a bread frenzy, you can reel them in easily with the bacon on your hook.

A cool bug we found by the pool. Anyone know what it is?

I finally got to work in carving rubber stamps for a series of letterboxes I'll plant in Tennessee. I picked a theme of activities that the park provides, camping, fishing, watercraft, and a deer bonus box.

We camped there two summers ago, and I think we will try it again in July. The kids never mentioned wanting to go last summer, so I skipped it. Now they realize *hey, we want to do that again.*

Ds broke his arm yesterday. He fell while climbing up a doorway in the house. His hands got sweaty and he slipped and fell on his wrist. He's in an air cast until the swelling goes down, we'll get the real cast on Friday. A 7 yo who can't swim all summer, that's just terrific. . . What am I gonna do with him?

Off for a nap, y'all.


Blogger marit said...

Poor DS! Maybe you can get one of those casts that can be wet? One of my daughter's friends broke her arm last year, but her cast was somewhat waterproof, so she was allowed to swim.
Letterboxing sounds like fun! Cute stamps:-)

3:13 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Howdy, just stumbled upon your blog.I think you found an assassin bug nymph. Assassin bugs look different... there are more than one kind. This one looks like a baby one. As they get bigger they change and look a little differently...

Fun blog here btw! :-)

9:31 AM  

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