Monday, January 14, 2008

Letterboxing Sunday

First of all, THE PATTERNS ARE SOLD. Hooray! It's really not the money, but I typically give away everything to Goodwill and you never know if things are going into the trash if they're not saleable. I love knowing that they'll go to someone who will either appreciate them or sell them on Ebay for more. . .

Ds and I went to our regular park where there are at least 4 letterboxes hidden.

We actually found a Hitchhiker, which is a letterbox that travels around. The one we found started in Japan inside the Totoro at Miyazaki land in Tokyo. Remember how much I love Totoro? I think I'm going to take the Hitchhiker box to Gatlinburg and leave it in a letterbox there. It seems much more exciting to take it to another state rather than leave it in my town.

This is a Jeep, which I would never have figured it out if the name had not remained.

Navy blue mold or lichen on this stick.

Since we had photographed the navy blue mold, ds made me photograph the yellow and green moss.

We found all the boxes I had instructions for except one. I think the problem is that the park has repaved the footpath into a road and erased the landmarks for that particular box. (Or maybe I just don't know my tree identifications well enough.)



Blogger vickibarkley said...

What is letterboxing?

1:53 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Okay, Vik, you are totally busted as a skimmer! I posted some links a couple weeks back when I started letterboxing. Go to Google! Check the Wikipedia entry! Come on now. . .

5:37 AM  

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