Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some Progress

I'm making some progress on the body of the Molly Weasley sweater. I put vents where the sideseams would be, but I decided to knit it all in one piece on circulars rather than doing them separately. I'm going to have to work out the armhole shaping on my own since I'm not following a pattern but I think I can do it. I'm trying to decide how to shape the front neck (v neck or round), but I've got some time to figure it out.

I freeze-framed the movie to see the sweater a little better and it looks like there is a button loop across the front and that maybe the sweater is too small on the actress, which would be why she wears the housecoat over it. . .

I'm thinking I might have a real vegetable garden next year. I ordered some strawberry plants and daffodils which should be here soon. I want to go to the garden center and get some compost and start working a couple of beds, but maybe I should wait for dh - he has a tiller attachment on his string trimmer - it would save my back, because I'll use a fork, but I hate motorized things.

He is nagging me to get some knobs or handles for the bathroom drawers and cabinets, so I might go do that today, but I really don't want to. I hate to shop for stuff like that and we need a ton of them, so it's gonna be pricey. I also need to get some curtains made for the bathroom before the leaves fall off the trees and we are really exposed. Maybe I'll work on that later this week or next.

I've been trying to upload a few projects at Ravelry every day -- I wish there was a sewing Ravelry too. Patternreview is close but the book/yarn/needles cataloguing features, plus the friends and groups would be great.

Have a great week!



Blogger Siddis-in-houston said...

Hi, found your blog looking for the pattern for chevron scarf! Love your flowers! Happy knitting and have a nice week end!

8:03 AM  

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