Thursday, September 20, 2007


I think this shrug says *Hello. Look at my huge boobs!* I guess I should have known better. It's a style that's not gonna work on a heavy, busty, shortwaisted figure. Okay, I'm wearing my walking clothes in these photos, but I also tried it on with a form fitting black top and I'm still not convinced.

The back section is too wide, I don't know if you can see the excess bagging at the lower back in this side shot. And the lower edge is pulled up around into the neckline by the ribbing, so it feels binding under the arms.

I love the yarn and the pattern is a free one you can get online or on the ball band. This is the first knitted item I've made with this yarn. I've used the regular Simply Soft for several crochet projects. It's a decent quality acrylic and fairly affordable at $4 a skein for 150 yds. The shrug was supposed to take 4 skeins, but I ended up using 6. I'm not sure why I used so much yarn, except my gauge was a tad tight.

When I saw this yarn and the pattern at the store, I thought why not? -- cheap project, only $16 invested (until I had to go back and buy 2 more balls), I love the color of the yarn, the shading is so pretty, etc. But you still can't help but be disappointed if you don't like the finished item. The color matches the team colors of the football team dd is cheering for, so I had this vision in my head of wearing it to the games when it cools off. Now I don't know. . .

On the bright side, I have one more bag of yarn cleaned out of my stash closet, so I can get back to the Molly Weasley sweater. The yarn I ordered for the body is backordered (which sux because the only reason I bought from this vendor is because their website said *In Stock*) ahem, so I've been waiting a bit to get started.

Dh is taking ds camping with Cub Scouts this weekend, so dd and I will probably do some incredibly girly stuff like go to the mall and have pedicures or something. Can't wait.



Blogger mermaids said...

mary, i say this because i would want someone to tell me.....this shrug does nothing for you. the knitting looks terrific, but the style is just not working. bear in mind that i am not a big fan of shrugs.

don't feel bad, i have sewing clunker to post about very soon. we all those "not right for me" projects. :)

teri....who has many other terrific things you have made.

12:54 PM  

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