Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Doily and Moth

I finished this doily, the June doily from the Leisure Arts booklet, A Year of Doilies Part 5. I think I used Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton, size 10 and a size 8 hook.

I started it on the plane to California, while sitting next to a rapper type who was going to LA for the weekend to record an album. This I gathered from conversations with his friend sitting behind us. He had an iPhone, of which he was quite proud, so I got to hear a few phone conversations as well. And there I am crocheting a doily, crazy throwback I guess. . .

I had stopped working on it because I was confused by some of the instructions, but then I took it to my mom's last weekend and she got me straightened out and I finished it. Gotta love having a backup troubleshooter.

Check out this moth:

Wish I had a better photo, but man it was scary looking. White body, dark gigantic wings, flashing its proboscis at me. . . The cats were going nuts.

We get the strangest bugs around here.



Blogger mermaids said...

the doily is soooo pretty. i remember my grandmother making tons of those.

and the moth....wow!

6:06 AM  
Blogger marit said...

What a great picture of the moth and the cat! And your doily is lovely!

3:06 PM  

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