Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Molly Weasley Sweater

I really loved this crocheted sweater in the HP Chamber of Secrets movie. So when I got the Charmed Knits book yesterday, this was the first thing I looked at:

Okay, does she look like like she's smuggling a potato up under that sleeve cap or what?

Geez, I just can't bring myself to make that. Look how nicely the sleeve cap lies in the first photo, a still from the movie. It has a curved shape, like a typical sleeve cap but it's not forming an egg like the pattern from the book. I'm trying to decide whether to just make a shrug rather than a cardigan. She's wearing an apron over it in the movie, so it's hard to see what the rest of the sweater looks like.

There's this pattern you can buy too, but I can't tell if that one is attached to a cardigan or not.

I'm going to think about it for a while. I have a ton of multicolored Tahki Cotton Classic left over from the vest I made a while back and this would be a fun way to use it up.



Blogger Debbie Cook said...

Sorry Mary, but "Just Say No." :wink:

5:18 PM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

Wow, the one in the movie looks...wearable. I'd skip the one from the book.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

The sweater in the book is definitely not drafted correctly. If you look at the sweater in the movie, the rows of DC stop at the bottom before the sleeve cap shaping begins. In the one in the book the DC's go up into the sleeve cap. The sleeve cap should have the half circle design within that area, not as a "egg" sticking out on the shoulders. Plus the sweater hangs off the shoulders which doesn't look very nice either. How awful that the editors thought that the one in the book was okay to publish. Your intuition on this is correct. I would take the PDF pattern that someone is selling separately and add it to my favorite cardigan sweater. You will probably have to do some easing and creating piecing, but anything would look better than what they present in the book. Good luck.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

oh.. my... the two sweaters look so very different! The one from the movie looks wearable, but the one in the book... well there are just no nice words! The book sweaters colors are just too bright, and the movie sweaters colors are darker.
The books sweaters sleeve cap does look, screwy.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Shelle said...

Hi Mary - thanks for buying MY pattern. I really think you'll like it. It's quick & easy to make. The pattern is for the complete sweater and it's totally crocheted. I realize the one in the movie has a knitted body, but I prefer to crochet so that's why I designed it for crochet. Besides, not everybody knows how or wants to knit. I can't wait to see pics of your sweater! Happy crocheting! ~Shelle Cain

10:09 AM  

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