Saturday, October 06, 2007

Molly Weasley Sweater Finished

I buckled down and finished it yesterday. It's big and the weight of the sleeves is really too much. I recommend using wool or a wool blend (something light) because I used Tahki Cotton Classic doubled and an I hook and the sleeves pull the sweater down off your shoulders. I washed it in a pillowcase on the delicate cycle of my frontloader. Then I put it in the dryer to try to shrink it, also I find cotton needs to be machine dried in order to return to shape. I got it mostly dry and then laid it out to block.

Choosing buttons. I like the blue one.

I hope it shrank a little. I made it an inch longer in the body than I wanted because cotton typically shrinks vertically.

Of course none of it matters too much because I'll be wearing the housecoat over it. Here's the fabric and seam binding. The colors and the scale of the print are close to the original.

I think I'll use this pattern, minus the sleeves. Pretty simple to make. I'll post some pics of all of it on after the sweater dries and I make up the housecoat. I think I'll put a wand pocket on the housecoat. Where does a witch keep her wand?

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