Monday, April 23, 2007

Felt Wee Folk

Isn't she cute? Her head is too big, but I didn't have time to go around shopping for smaller beads. I made this for my neighbor's 4 yr old. The instructions are in this book:

It has instructions and patterns for making fairies, elves, knights and princesses. The work in it is just beautiful. Basic supplies are pipe cleaners (which you wrap in embroidery floss for the body), wooden beads, wool fleece or roving, wool (or any) felt, silk flowers taken apart, and acorn caps.

I'm going to have my kids help make some. There are instructions in the book to show you how to make a simpler doll for kids, which is a nice touch, I think. Basically,there is less embroidery and sewing in the simple version.

It was a busy weekend. We handed out snacks from Whole Foods at the Earth Day festival -- the girls loved it. Dd tried out for cheerleader Friday and didn't make the team, so we have a lot of drama to deal with there. (She is threatening to *go emo*) whatever that means. She's only 10, I told her she has to wait until she's a teen to do that.

I hope to get back to my dresses this week. I want to sew right now.



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