Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm Back

I think this photo sums up the vacation fairly well. I held on to my knitting bag this year, didn't lose anything (except my dignity on a few screamer rides at Universal, but that was to be expected).

Some Aztec Gold for the pirate. The best souvenir of the trip.

At Discovery Cove. This time I got to snorkel with the fish (okay, I realize it's just a big swimming pool, but still, it's very fun and the fish are so cool).

Dolphin tank at Sea World.

Of course I'm leaving out the long lines and horrible traffic. After the miserable crowded day at Sea World, we decided not to go to Disney World, but stay at the Nick Hotel and swim. Ahh, much better (and cheaper).

I made major progress on the sleeves of the Dollar and a Half cardigan (yay)! Also, made quite a few granny squares in the odd spare moment. I'll post a few updates on those projects later in the week.



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