Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Fun

My lame felted eggs. I only made two because I didn't like how they came out. They look more like balls than eggs. I think if I had doubled the yarn, they would have come out more felted and solid feeling. Note to self: you hate felting. you are ALWAYS disappointed in the result. give it up.

Egg hunt in the front yard.

Cracking cascarones. The best idea I had for these was to give the kids a dustbuster and broom when we were finished. The eggs were gone in about two seconds and the cleanup took about 20 mins.

We also made an Easter Bunny cake and dyed some eggs, which I made into devilled eggs later on in the day. The kids got colored chalk in their Easter baskets, so they played with it on the driveway, making rooms and amusement parks. A fun day.


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