Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cascarones (Confetti Eggs)

When we lived in Texas, our elementary school sold Cascarones at the Spring Carnival as a fund raiser. You should have seen what the school ground looked like at carnival time, eggshells and paper everywhere. . . My kids LOVE these and they are easy to make, and cost almost nothing.

So, you start by blowing your eggs. Wash eggs in warm soapy water. Take a long needle and poke a small hole in one end and a larger one (can be dime or nickel sized in this case) at the other end. I use a rubber jar opener to hold my needle firmly while poking the holes. Stick needle inside to break the yolk and blow egg into a bowl or cup to use later. Wash and dry shells.

We dyed our eggs with easter egg dye, but you can leave them plain or paint them or decorate them any way you want (glitter pens are fun). I tend not to go to too much trouble since they are going to be crushed right away anyhow. . .

Make sure your holes are large enough to add the confetti. I take the back of a spoon and tap them a bit to enlarge the hole. Add confetti with a baby spoon.

Apply some glue around the hole.

Cover hole with tissue or crepe paper, the more colorful the better.

Let dry and get ready to smash. It's so easy a six year old can do it.

I'm making my kids wait until Easter. Generally, the kids break these ON each other's heads, but it you have small children, it's better to tell them to break the eggs between two hands OVER the person's head. It's supposed to be bring good luck to the smashee.

I promise I'm gone for vacation now, but I wanted to post this before I left. Have a great week, y'all.



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