Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We Interrupt the Crafty Programming

to give you politics. I apologize because I try to keep it light around here, but in light of something that happened to me on Friday and of yesterday's events at Virginia Tech, I have to say something.

When are the citizens of the U.S. going to get mad enough to protect our children from guns? What is it going to take? Why do we let any sociopath without a prior history walk into a store and wait a mere two weeks to go slaughter innocent people?

Friday I was taking my 6-yo ds to his karate class. My 10-yo dd was walking from the car to the karate school, while I waited for ds to put his shoes on. Dd comes to me and says *Mom, I see something and I need you to come right now, but don't let brother see it.* So I walk over to the front of the next car in the lot and there is a handgun laying right there, in front of the tire.

I pick it up and it has some heft to it, so I decide it's real. It was one of those small *ladies' handguns* with a pearl handle and the clip was missing, although I couldn't tell if it had a bullet in the chamber. One of the karate instructors called the police for me and they came and picked it up.

It's crazy. Guns are everywhere. My child could have picked this up thinking it was a toy and shot someone.

I know I have some readers from other countries and I don't want to mislead you into thinking that in the U.S. you find a gun on the street every day, but it happens now and then. . .

The state that I live in is close to passing a law that allows people to hide guns in their car. And I live in the road rage capital of the state. It's complete insanity, I just don't understand it.


Blogger mermaids said...

oh gosh, mary, how frightful. kudos to your dd for knowing the right thing to do....don't touch it, tell a grown up ASAP. gives me chills to think what could have happened if someone else found it.

i am totally with on the gun control issue. it would lovely if all gun owners were responsible, but there are far too many guns in the hands of crazy or careless people.

my heart breaks for the families of the students and teachers who died at VT. my heart also breaks for the family of the shooter. i don't know if there were warning signs that were ignored, maybe, maybe not ....but the bottom line is they lost a son too, in more ways than one. the amount of pain that young man must have been in to think this was the only way. tragic on so many levels.

5:43 AM  
Blogger vickibarkley said...

This has been driving me crazy, too. After all, I'm sending Jack to college in August.

6:09 PM  

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