Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Report

First of all, welcome to the new readers. A couple of people left nice comments, and I love comments, although I tend to forget to respond to them when I'm posting and I need to get better about that.

Sometimes I think the title of the blog is misleading, since sewing has not been on the front burner as much, but I hope the other crafts are also interesting to people. Sewing is my touchstone craft and I will never stop sewing (until my eyes quit on me or it becomes physically impossible). However, I put it down sometimes to focus on something new. I always come back to sewing eventually.

I have no FOs to show, but I've made progress on a few things. I finished the knitting on the Dollar and a Half cardigan.

Here it is blocking. I just checked it and it's dry, so I'll start seaming it and knitting the neckband later today.

A few thoughts: someone posted a diatribe about their frustrations with the pattern on the knitalong site. Basically, the gripe was that you needed to downsize your needles for the reverse stockinette stripes. I didn't do this and it didn't occur to me to do it, because I just figured that is how the design is supposed to be. Now that I've finished the darn thing, it's like, why didn't I think of that? But, those sections look okay to me after the blocking. People are talking about the Michelin Man effect on the sleeves and *Lord people, my sweater is WHITE! Talk about your Michelin Man!* Crap!

So, I'm just going to calm down and sew it up and wear it (if it fits, yet to be seen) while the weather is still a bit chill. I admit that's my motivation for getting it done, it's still cold enough to wear it this week.

So, I traced the Burda dress pattern and the Hot Patterns pattern. I still need to do some tissue fitting on both of them, to see what kind of adjustments I'll have to make. I know I need to wait to attach the hem ruffle on the Hot Patterns dress until last, so I can see if I need to make a tilted waist adjustment, which I probably won't since it will be hanging from my shoulders, but sometimes the big butt means it rides up in the back, so I still have to even out the hem. (How's that for long and convoluted??)

The Hot Patterns instructions recommended making a muslin. I love that. A regular pattern always tries to trick you into thinking Easy! Fast! And then it looks like crap on you. That said, I probably won't make a muslin since I'm using cheap fabric but will go over to Pattern Review and read up before I start cutting.

Because of the cardigan pieces blocking everywhere on my cutting table, I didn't get any further on the dresses, so instead I seamed up the granny square bag. It's going to be cute. I'll get it put together this week I hope.

Cat Fight!

*I know there's a portal here somewhere. And then I will kill you for being on my porch!*

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Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

*LOL* your cat is to funny for words! I love how calm the cat outside is. hehe.
Can't wait to see your cardi : )

6:12 AM  
Blogger Stitchy Witch said...

The sleeves do block out! I constantly push mine up because my sleeves are long, and while they do tend to fold up between the sections, they do not go back to the unblocked puffiness. It doesn't really bother me anyway, and I'm pretty picky. I can't wait to see your sweater on!

12:02 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Mary, your knitting amazes me, so beautiful. Good luck with the sweater and the dresses. Love the picture of your cat.

8:13 PM  

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