Monday, April 30, 2007

Colorwork Vest

I made a great start on the vest. My mom was disappointed because she thought Merike Saarnit was teaching the workshop, but instead it was one of the yarn shop employees who was teaching it, based on a pattern called the Allspice Vest by Anna Zilboorg. Apparently, Saarnit makes yarn kits for the vest which she sells at her site.

I chose the jewel tone kit (we had a choice of pastels, autumn or jewel). It's very bright. Definitely one of those projects where you want to see how the next color is going to look, so you can't put it down. They showed us how to weave the ends in as we work and how to cast on a long tail caston with both ends of a yarn ball, so you don't run out of yarn. I had read about that, but never tried it, and it worked great. BTW, the yarn is Tahki Cotton Classic.

I'm working hard on the ripple afghan this week and plan to have an update on that. I also acquired a few new sewing gadgets that I want to post about.

Here is a fun little video to brighten up your Monday. Sewing Machine Song



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