Friday, March 09, 2007

Today's Report

Today's class was lots of

I took *Embroidery for Knitters* from Fiona Ellis. My big question going in was how to mark a design on a handknit? Obviously you can't use a light box or window to trace, etc. There really wasn't a good answer except for basting with a running stitch and pulling it out later, or using a quilter's marking pen. Her initial reply was to let the knitted design be your guide, but I am typically embellishing a blank surface rather than a design per se.

All in all, it was worth the price of admission to fondle her swatches. Amazingly creative, beautiful stuff. A lot of the things she showed us were from her ethnic/folk book (must look it up) and had lots of tiny mirrors and bells and jingly things that appealed to the magpie in me.

I did a bit more shopping today.

Hand dyed sock yarn from Creatively Dyed. I got to meet the lady who does the hand-dyeing, very nice.

Holly Hobbie sewing caddy. I know, shut up. I LOVE HOLLY HOBBIE AND ALWAYS WILL. So there.

Hand dyed fabrics (I want to make some quilts or bags with the kids' artwork on it) and a few marking tools, etc.

Overall a great day. Just think how much trouble I could get into if I didn't have to leave by 1:00 pm every day. . .


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