Monday, February 26, 2007

I Got Nuthin'

Nothing very interesting at all.

A view of my diningroom table.

I'm working on a scrapbook of vacation photos from the annual trip to Hilton Head Island with dh's family. It gets pretty boring seeing the same photos of the same people in the same places, year after year. I think we started in 2001 and have made the trip every year since.

My MIL had put together a book of her photos at Christmas, so I was shamed into getting mine into a book. The problem is that I've already taken the best photos of each child and put their photos in their books, so the vacation book has the leftovers, sort of *meh* photos.

This morning I braved the post office to send off the book cover for imprinting. I'm having a little island graphic stamped in silver onto a light blue book. There were at least 15 people in line ahead of me and it took about 25 minutes to mail it. This is why I'm NEVER going to be able to sell on eBay or have an etsy shop. If I had to go to the post office more often than once a quarter I would DIE.

There was an Indian woman behind me with a toddler and a baby. She left the baby sleeping in a carrier over by the stamp displays instead of in line with her and people kept making these comments *whose baby is that?* *you have to be more careful* *tsk, tsk.* I felt so sorry for her, I don't think she realized they were chastizing her (or maybe she was pretending). . . One of the ladies was so mean.

I've been reading a lot this weekend, I updated my book list on Saturday, but another book needs to be added already. . . Hope to plant some seeds this week and I'm knitting some socks.


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