Friday, March 02, 2007

March Already?

Look what I got in the mail! The NEW CottonEase. It seems none the worse after sitting out in the rain all night, oops. I want to make a cardigan from the latest Interweave Knits. It's the Dollar and a Half Cardigan from Veronik Avery. Plans for today are to swatch, swatch, swatch. I've wanted a white lacy cardigan for Spring since LAST Spring, so this it.

I will probably try to make the top down raglan again with the lime green CottonEase. Previous disaster noted here. My mom was wearing this sweater made in teal Brown Sheep LambsPride when I visited her last and every time I looked at her I thought of my failure, sigh. . .

I'm in the exact situation I was in last Friday, waiting for the Ped's office to open. I've been home with sick kids all week, which translates into lots of time in the kitchen. Although I'm home, I can't escape into the sewing room when there's so much fetching of cough drops, Gatorade, and tissues.

So, I saw these Potato Chip Cookies linked at Not Martha and had to try them. I love the combination of sweet and salty and these are divine! They remind me of a shortbread, buttery, crumbly, flaky and just a little sweet. Let them sit on the cookie sheet to cool for at least 30 seconds or yours will fall apart like mine did.

The bigger question is why am I making these when the Girl Scout cookies will be here on Sunday? Not smart.

I also made the No Knead Bread again. This time I remembered to remove the knob from my LeCreuset, but the bread burned a little on the bottom. I think I need to cook it at 450 deg. instead of 500. I fixed a ham and bean soup to go with this, and finally used my Herbes de Provence which have been mouldering on the counter looking cute for too long. They really added a lot of punch to the soup.

I've been planting my seed starts this week. I let the kids each plant one of these Jiffy Greenhouses. My last frost date is April 10, so we're about 6 weeks ahead of that. It's so much cheaper to grow your own annuals and herbs and tomatoes from seed.

I'm getting excited about the Sewing Expo next week. However, if these kids don't get well soon, I'll be out of the game again. Let's hope the docs can do something today.


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