Monday, February 19, 2007

More Toddler Dresses

Humor me, okay? Dd had to take a baby picture to school for the yearbook, so I was going through a few things and found some photos of little dresses and scanned them in.

This is one of the first things I made when I started sewing again. I made her several outfits from this pattern. I remember sewing this one first (It has a zipper, which was scary, scary). I did not know what it meant to ease a sleeve, so I couldn't figure out why the pattern piece for the sleeve didn't fit at all, it was way too big. I ended up sewing the sleeve piece in where it would fit, effectively lowering the height of the sleeve cap. It made the sleeves stick straight out from the garment when it was on the hanger, but I didn't care, I got those suckers in somehow. . . She has on matching bloomers underneath, she's about 18mos. old here (1998).

The next two dresses are made from the same pattern (a big 3, but I don't know the number or brand). The lesson I learned from these was about the quality of the fabric. The blue dress is from high quality quilting cotton that I got from Hancock's of Paducah. The red dress is craft quality fabric I got at JoAnn's. The red dress is a pain to iron, it's thin and scratchy -- it just doesn't compare to the softness of the blue dress.

It's big on her here, but she wore it for at least another year.

She always loved baby animals. It's three coordinating prints, baby animals, cherries and shamrocks. The pinafore is separate and it ties under the arms.

We lived in Houston then and this was her *Go Texan Day* dress. Everyone wears western clothes on the day the rodeo opens in February.

The fabric has cowboys riding on tornados on it. The cowboy fabric isn't too bad, it's the red fabric with stars that is poor quality.

It's fun going back and looking at these. I always tried to get photos of her in things that I made. In the photo she choose for the yearbook, she's wearing KS 2596, the toddlers' swing top and leggings.


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

Just looking at your pictures of your daughter wearing her dresses reminded me of when I was little. In elementary school my Mom sewed me dresses and the cook complimented me on my dress one day. I told her that my mom made it for me, and maybe she could make one for her too!

7:13 PM  

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