Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I decided to go with the Cotton Ease for the Dollar and a Half sweater. Even though a nice person pointed me in a direction of finding some Cotton Fleece, I have this yarn in my hot little hand and must use it. I am trying not to turn into a big yarn stasher -- the fabric stash is scary enough. One day they will find me buried under a mountain of fiber.

Not much progress (a nickel's worth, if that), but there's been some swatching and ripping going on. I think I'm almost to the point of settling in with the project. It takes a while to learn the quirks and habits of a new pattern.

What happens when I am stymied in my projects for various reasons and am unable to get out and about? I start shopping for new a beautiful supplies online.

I ordered some nice things from Magic Cabin. Not sure what these bunnies will become -- cards? egg decorations? a wreath? but I was charmed by them.

The biggie is that I broke down in my weakened state and got these:The Felt Fanatics Pack.

First up will be a felt flower for the Amy Butler bag. I bought some pin backs this weekend to use with it. Next will be a return to some favorite Japanese Anime characters. I've also got some little Eastery animals in mind.

Sewing Expo begins tomorrow and I'm taking a beginning crochet class -- I'm sew excited (nyak, nyak -- I never get tired of that one). I'm planning to donate a box of baby fabrics to a premie sewing charity while I'm there. Hope to have a report from the Expo tomorrow or Friday.


Blogger Esther said...

I love crocheted lace! Another addicting hobby to add to that mountain of fiber. Have fun!

7:38 AM  

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