Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday's Expo

I skipped it. I got caught up working on the Amy Butler bag and didn't feel like fighting the traffic.

The good news is that the bag stands up pretty well. Still, I am waiting for the bag feet I ordered. I wound up putting water bottle pockets on the ends. I cut the original side pieces too short, so I put a longer piece behind it and *voila,* a pocket.

I made this flower, using my new wool felt and some techniques from the embroidery class. It's too busy to go on the bag I think. A white silk flower would be much better. I think I'll pin this one to my jeans jacket instead.

I just need to tack on the loops for the handles and sew the lining and outer together along the top edge. (After I apply the feet and a magnetic snap.)

One thing I forgot to mention about the expo was seeing Jan Bones there. I inspected her garments at her booth. They were beautiful and everything was sewn on the machine rather than a serger (just like Anne St. Clair's work). Using a medium/narrow zig zag gives the seams almost no bulk at all -- you really don't need any special equipment to sew lingerie.

Also, I saw someone from the handweavers' guild doing some tablet or card weaving. Very interesting.


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

your handbag is really coming together girl! I think your right, the flower would look better on your jean jacket, it would get lost on your bag.

7:41 AM  

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