Friday, October 20, 2006

Green Socks

They are finished, yay! We don't even have to knit an actual pair of socks to participate in Socktoberfest, but I couldn't stop myself. Stats: Lanett Superwash, which appears to be Norwegian, but I bought it in Knoxville on the way to knitting camp this summer. Used size 1 needles, pattern is 5 stitch pattern (yarn over cable) from Sensational Knitted Socks. I can mark off my New Year's resolution for knitting, which was to try toe-up socks.

Will I make them again? Probably not, but I want to wear them for a while before I rule it out completely.

Are you wondering how I got those socks knit in a week? Possibly it was because I've been hanging around home while my carpenter works:

He just cut out the hole in the table to sink the sewing machine. I am beside myself, he has been working so hard and he wants to do it right! Dh gave him a little bonus because we suspect he underbid the job quite a bit. It's taking a lot more time than he had anticipated. I picked out a light natural stain for the finish.

I've got a lot of cleaning up to do (sawdust in my stash, ick) but the final result will be fantastic. I might be sewing by next weekend.

Last, I have a little excursion planned for the weekend. (Hint: it involves fabric shopping). I hope to have some interesting pictures to post for you.


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