Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Socktoberfest -- Flash your Stash

Here's my second Socktoberfest entry. I store my sock yarn in a Lantern Moon basket. I try not to buy any more yarn when the basket is full.

As you can see, it's about to spill over, so that means I am on a yarn-buying hiatus.

Here is everything all spread out. There's some Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Schafer Anne, Socks That Rock, Cherry Tree Hill, Lorna's Laces, and Koigu KPPM (the ones that are wound). The others still have their labels on, I have some Fortisimma Cotton, Regia stripes, several Elann and a couple of Knitpicks. The only yarns that I hate are the Lion Brand Stripes and the Wildefoote. I need to give them away because they are living in the bottom of the basket right now.

Do you have certain patterns planned for some of the yarns? Do you buy yarn and then choose a pattern?
I buy the yarn first and then choose the pattern. I have lot of self striping yarn, which will be knit into a plain sock. I WANT to start buying more solids and knitting them up in fancier rib or lace patterns.

Does a certain sock yarn you have in your stash take you back to a certain event? (where you were when you bought/received it? what was going on in your life at the time!) I would like to say this is so, but I have knit up most of the yarn that has significant meaning, so I see the sock and think of where I bought the yarn. Some of the yarn I have in stash is the crap that I don't want to knit with and tend to hold onto. My tastes have changed quite a bit -- when I started knitting socks, I liked self-striping yarns and now I don't. I knit up the good stuff pretty quickly, and it's been a good exercise to pull out my stash and see some goodies I'd forgot about.

Every stash tells a story!

*Where did all that yarn go?*


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

*L* your cat is too much!! Why don't you like wildefoot? I've never used it before and was just wondering.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Amanda C -- I've made two pairs from Wildefoote, the second and third pair I ever made. It is crunchy and splitty and the finished socks tend to spiral a bit like the bias is off. I seem to recall it twisting up on itself as I worked with it too. It's a shame because the colors are really pretty.

4:11 AM  

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