Friday, April 07, 2006

Gone Missing

Here's what's left of my project. Yes, nothing but the clipped ends. See how pretty it would have been?

Contents of the Bag

  • Denise needle set (with two broken cables that needed replacing anyway)

  • Extra 40" cable for Denise Set

  • Completed Easter Basket, ready for felting. Made from lime and kelly green Cascade 220 and some leftover Fun Fur

  • Creative Knitting Magazine (pattern for Easter basket)

  • Two balls of Elann Sock it to Me! Esprit Sock Yarn

  • One set of size 3 Bamboo DPNs (These were 8" long and I hated them getting caught in my sleeves, so I'll be happy to replace them with some short Birch ones)

  • Zippered plastic bag with ponytail holders (stitch markers), tapestry needles, sharp scissors (with the leather sheath from my bird ginghers), 4 blue Karate Stars that belong on my ds's uniform, a set of size 11 Susan Bates DPNs, one of those cute little metal sheep needle gauges, a row counter, safety pins, two retractable tape measures, my kitchener cheat sheet, two crochet hooks, and I'm sure a few other things I'll remember later

  • Floating around loose in the bag were two dollar bills leftover from basketball season snacking, a couple of High 5 Karate awards for ds, one of my girl scout patches from the 1970s, leftover balls of Cascade 220, and probably a few McDonalds toys, a Bonne Bell Lipsmacker, some handcream

I am lucky that my Ipod and cellphone weren't in there. Why would somebody take a bag like that?? Besides the $2, there is nothing that a non-knitter could use.

The old bag was a small tote bag made from the same laminated fabric as this matching cosmetic bag. I loved it because it stayed dry by the pool or in other places with wet floors. I'm going to be heading to the Harrod's website and see what they have. The gray tabby looks exactly like one of my cats.

New Bag

While we were at the gator farm I got this bag:

It's waterproof and has some cool looking Florida wildlife, plus a zippered top. It's much bigger than the one I usually carry, so I'll have to see how I like it.

Meanwhile, I'll be heading over to Knitpicks to replace a few items. The irony of course is that I was trying to be so careful with it and keep it with me rather than letting it ride with the Bellman, so of course I lost it. Geez.


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