Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ready for Break



We had dd's first cast removed (pink) and replaced with a waterproof one (green). They took another Xray while it was off and it's about 50-60% healed. She broke it while skating on her Heelys and running over a spiky ball from a sweet gum tree.

We leave for the Nick Hotel, Discovery Cove and Sea World in two days (hence the waterproof cast). I don't look forward to these trips -- it's just so stressful to have to DO so much. The kids get tired and cranky and I get tired and cranky. I'm trying to have a good attitude. I must be getting old -- I hate any break in routine.


More sock knitting along with watching the new Pride and Prejudice and the Bollywood Bride and Prejudice. I'll probably finish the second pair of Broadripples today. I loved the movies. The new P&P seemed much grittier and natural than the A & E version (a giant boar - humongous huevos - Whoa! - walking through the house???). Darcy wasn't very hot, I'm afraid,(who can compare to Colin Firth??) although the girls were fantastic. The Bollywood movie was so fun, a modern day version set in India with lots of dancing, beautiful costumes, etc. My IRL Indian friend is going to lend me Hollywood Bollywood next.

I've been checking out
Grumperina's list of non-wooly sock yarn. Last summer my Mom gave me some Schachenmayr Nomotta Crazy Cotton (100% mercerized cotton, 6.5 st/inch) and said it makes good socks. I'm guessing it's discontinued because she bought a bunch of it on sale and gave it to me. I might try my next pair from this yarn.

Haven't had a chance to listen to any podcasts lately, but hope to go walking later this morning and get caught up.

Won't be posting again until next week when we get back from the trip. See you then.


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