Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Surprise in the Laundry Basket

Can you spot the Jaywalker sock in this picture? I wore it this week and it was very nice, I didn't even notice I had it on. The green and blue ones behind Tiger's head are my favorite k4/p2 rib pattern from Vogue Knitting Socks Too. My mom made the stripey grey one, she typically does a K2/p1 rib all the way down the leg, then switches to stockinette for the foot.

Okay, here's my confession. I went to Kohl's yesterday and bought two skorts and two pairs of shorts (plus a bunch of Vneck Tshirts). I'm struggling with how much of my wardrobe to sew myself. When I can buy okay-fitting shorts for under $20 it's hard to resist. They have tons of fancy pockets, fly fronts, etc. -- lots of time consuming details. It would cost me at least $20 to sew them, plus a full afternoon (or more) to make them. I just heard on the news that they are shutting down a garment making plant in a rural, poor county in our state, laying off 800 people, due to cheap Chinese imports. . . Sigh. . .


Broadripple socks are coming along, might finish them tonight. I succumbed to peer pressure and ordered some Socks that Rock yarn today. The two big projects waiting in the wings are the Charlotte's Web Shawl and a scarf size Lady Eleanor -- might use the DANICA pattern (man is that guy cute) from knitty. I have 8 balls of Silk Garden, not enough for Eleanor, and let's face it, I'm a scarf girl rather than a shawl girl.


The New Yorker came yesterday, along with Vogue Knitting. I also have a copy of Threads that I haven't opened. Right now I'm finishing up Funny Times and then maybe I'll get to a book. I'm getting tired thinking about it all.


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