Thursday, April 06, 2006

Back Home

Okay, I've tried uploading photos to blogger 3 times and it's just not working, so I'll bore you with text.

We just got home today from our trip to the
Nick Hotel, Discovery Cove, Sea World, and the Alligator Farm.

The bad news is I lost my knitting bag at the Nick Hotel. I put it down briefly to take a picture while the bellman was unloading the car and I forgot to pick it up again when we parked the car. I checked with Security about four times and no one turned it in. I'll post more about that tomorrow, in fact I want to do a little list of the missing items, just so I can think about replacing everything.

The amazing thing is that I haven't picked up the needles for 5 days (!!) and I still have a little pain along the joint of my right forefinger. It's very minor and I've been chalking it up to the knitting, but this leads me to think it's arthritis. I may be experimenting with pain relievers just to see.

Everything is fine here at home except my pansies on the porch were practically cooked spinach. I watered and am crossing my fingers for what I'll find tomorrow. I missed the full bloom of the cherry trees while we were gone, but the azaleas and dogwoods began blooming while we were gone.


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