Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Richard Parker Tshirt

Here's the Tshirt (pattern from OTTOBRE) for Life of Pi. One of the books themes was color. Green for Islam, Orange for Hinduism, and what color for Christianity? Many people on the book forum suggested red, which I think fits, all that blood, you know? I kept picking up this piece of fabric. . . And of course the stripes fit with a tiger.


I spent some time in the sewing room today, just piling things up and thinking. Now some of these fabrics are actually scraps, so I can't get a complete garment out of them, but they could be combined to create something, maybe. I guess I've got Spring fever. There's a light aqua piece in there that wants to become a tiered skirt from Ottobre Woman at the very least.

It's cold in this house!

Batman and Tiger are trying to keep warm. Or maybe it's Pi and Richard Parker gettin' cozy in the lifeboat.?


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