Thursday, March 16, 2006

Not Geeky Enough

My dh had an
ARTIST create this picture of our house. I just love it and the artist gave me permission to use it in my profile, which I can't figure out. . .

On to the knitting, here is the start of a Broadripple sock. I am using a Cascade Fixation Knockoff, called Sock it to Me from I love the Springy colors. Considering making it for dd, since she's on a purple kick these days, but I'm not sure she's deserving, because she's never worn any other handknit socks I or my mom has made for her. These needles are driving me crazy, they're much too long. My regular sock needles are short little 5" Brittany Birch size 2s, so I am hating this set. I'm sure at the time I bought them they were the only 3s I could find and I was probably very thankful that they weren't metal, so I never even considered how long they were.

I promise to work on editing. . . It's not coming easy for me and I'm already spending way too much time on it. Believe me, I'm trying to separate the photos and create some white space, but it's not working.


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