Friday, March 17, 2006

Let's Get this Garden Started

Marigolds -- Happy Days Mixed

I had great luck with these last year. They came up fast from seed and bloomed right away. I've always disliked marigolds because of their smell, but my experience last year changed my mind completely. I had so much trouble with every other flower I tried to grow from seed, but the marigolds, ahhh, they made me proud. They were compact and fast growing and easy to maintain. They will be replacing these pansies in, oh, six weeks or so, when it gets too hot for them:

I have worn the green Wandering Aran Fields capelet for the past three days. It's funny, I wear handknits all the time and people hardly ever notice or comment, but this one had several people asking me if I made it, etc. When this happens, I wonder if it looks amateurish, you know, *loving hands at home*. But I'm TRYING not to feel that way and looks like I found another mom in my ds's class who knits. That is like a nice unexpected little surprise, so I'm thinking it's a good luck garment.

Speaking of lucky,

An embarrassment of riches, no? You have to love preschool art, don't you? I will NEVER have to go to Party City ever again to buy seasonal decorations, because I have a PRESCHOOLER WHO MAKES ART EVERY DAY.

On the reading front, I am about halfway through Life of Pi. My book club read this last year before I joined and it caused quite a controversy, although I'm not sure why. I'm guessing that it was something to do with the animals being injured, that part was somewhat graphic. But, I'm not finished yet, so we shall see. I'm considering joining this KAL and they are reading it now too. Although I'm a bit stumped on what you would knit along the theme of this book - maybe it will become clear when I finish it. . .


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