Sunday, March 19, 2006

Happy Spring

I Sewed!

Spring break will be here in two weeks, so I'm putting the Ottobre Woman to good use. The TOP is nice, but I'm not an ironer, so I'm not sure whether it will get much wear. Woven tops like this usually hang in the closet neglected, while I wear Tshirts.

Speaking of T Shirts

I posted a REVIEW of this too.

Here is the conversation of the weekend -- 5yo ds says "mom, I hate it when you're sewing because you're not taking care of me." My response: "I'll be there in a minute." Half an hour later "mom, when are you going to come downstairs and knit?" "Just a minute." Fifteen more minutes pass and he's clutching his tummy "mom, I'm starving, I can't stand up, oww, my tummy, etc. etc." So I turn off the machines and come downstairs. Sigh. . . One of the reasons I'm not sewing as much these days.

At Least There's Knitting

One Broadripple sock is finished, won't take me long to make the second one. I'm a bit concerned about the wearability of this yarn. It's mostly cotton with a little elastic. The only other pair of cotton socks I've made were in Fortissima Cotton and they eventually got hard and uncomfortable. I will give these a wear test before I knit up another pair from this yarn. I think I have enough to knit 4 or 5 more pairs, though, yikes, hope I like it.


I finished Life of Pi this weekend and really enjoyed it. Now I know why the group must have hated it. (SPOILER) Because it has an alternate story and it's not clear which version is true. So many people get their panties in a wad over this. I don't mind the ambiguity myself, but can see why people don't like it. Maybe because in life you can't have it both ways? In fiction it can be any way you want it. I will probably start The Other Boleyn Girl next, which is my IRL book club selection for next month.


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