Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Socktoberfest 2009

I finished this pair of socks in time for Socktoberfest. Amazing, I know. I cheated and started them in September. The pattern is Midsummer Night's Dream from www.knitty.com . More info at my Ravelry page.

These socks are knit from the toe up, with short row heels and toes. My main issue with these is that there are no gussets to accomodate the shaping of the instep. That's why I prefer top down, heel flap/gusset socks.

The heel looks like it has a nipple on it. I guess the fix is to stop knitting so many of the short rows. I just can't imagine who has a heel that looks like this. . . I'm noticing some holes where the heel joins the leg too. I think the pattern is pretty and I wanted to give this sock style one more chance. I've only made one other pair and the yarn felted right away, so I didn't feel like I gave the method a fair chance.

However, I really love this new-to-me Bind Off Method. It was easy and works great, very stretchy. It was worth knitting the socks just to learn this new bind off.

I bought the new Cat Bordhi sock book and I'm going to try making a pair from it next. This book has you make a reusable pattern shaped to your foot, but specific to a weight of yarn, so that you can make custom socks again and again. I think the book uses a star toe and heel, which I've never tried, but incorporates gussets to shape the foot.

Here's my innocent-looking, wooden sock needle chewer. She literally steals the sock out of my knitting back to chew up the needles. Bad girl.

I have a lot going on on the home front right now, but I have some photos from our trip to the mountains last weekend that I'll post tomorrow. October is flying by.



Blogger marit said...

I've been having trouble with toe-up socks too, and have just recently felt that my shortrow-heels look decent...it took a while! Sometimes I think an afterthoughtheel would be a lot easier to knit. I've printed out the hatheelsocks from Knitty, and want to try those.
You've chosen a really pretty pattern, and the colour of that yarn is gorgeous!

3:12 PM  

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