Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Harvest Time

This is my fruit bowl in the kitchen. The tomatoes are here and they came all at once. Needless to say, I've been spending a lot of my time in the garden or putting away things from the garden.

Green beans, white half runners. I really don't tire of these. I snap them while I watch TV and they freeze easily. I've been trying to cook them in the pressure cooker (like my Mom does) but I keep letting them dry out and burn. Maybe I should start measuring the water more exactly.

Next year, plant only one jalapeno plant. I plan on making jelly from these. I've used them in quacamole and salsa and I want to make some poppers too.

Tomato ripening spot. I had an attack of ants, so I had to move everything to the other side.

Varieties: Green Zebra, Celebrity, Mortgage Lifter, Cherokee Purple. The Celebrity is a hybrid, the rest heirloom. I'm finding the Celebrity bears more fruit, but it's not as tasty. Cherokee Purple is least prolific.

If you have read Crazy Aunt Purl lately, she's been making salads from Marc Bittman's 101 Summer Salads article. Here is a picture of #2, peach and tomato salad. I've also made #1, watermelon and tomato, #21 avocado cucumber, and #54 roasted red peppers and mozzarella. These are fun and easy and things I mostly have around anyway. Wish I wasn't the only at my house who eats them! I think today I'll make a tuna salad for lunch (#59) and eat it with tomatoes.

We have back-to-school open houses today and tomorrow. I am ready. We're taking it easy this week before we have to submit to the routine on Monday. I'm having dd's 13th birthday party at an art place on Saturday, so not a whole lot for me to do on that. I'm very much between projects when it comes to knitting/crochet/sewing, but I did finish a crochet project which I'll try to post tomorrow.



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