Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mostly Canning

August is almost over, somehow, but the harvest continues to come in. I tried some pickled okra. I didn't pack the jars as tightly as I should have. I am learning something new every time I do this. All my new supplies came in this week and, surprise surprise, I had an enameled metal canner in my basement, that I forgot I owned.

Yesterday I made pickled green beans. I think my MIL loves these (or is it okra?), either way I'll be gifting some of these. Supposedly the green beans are wonderful as a replacement for the celery garnish in a Bloody Mary.

Moon vines on my front porch. They bloom at night, right behind my porch swing, but it's usually too buggy out for me to spend much time there. The idea of it is nice.

Parsley worms on my parsley. These will turn into Swallowtail Butterflies, so I allow them to feast all they want. Ds is loving watching them eat, there are about 6 big ones and a tiny one. Hope to be able to watch them make their cocoons, they camouflage them very well.

He was sitting like a statue. So hard to take a good picture of a black cat inside my dark house.

It's been a tough week, with a family emergency and other things going on. Dd was very good during the crisis and babysat her brother, taking care of all the details at home for me while I was gone. She's a good kid.

I'm getting ready to start a little embroidery project if I can ever make it out to the store for floss. I am IN LOVE with the new
Ottobre Woman. I have no suitable fabric, so I'm going to have to do a little shopping if I'm going to make anything at all. Darn it.



Blogger marit said...

Hi! Hope you're getting through the crisis allright. Always good to experience how kids show their best when it's needed.
I really have to find that latest OTTOBRE, they have clothes that actually fit! And not so dressed up either...

1:29 PM  

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