Saturday, September 05, 2009

Some Sewing

I made a top from the new Ottobre Woman Magazine. I went to JoAnns and picked out this rayon knit, along with fabrics to make This Pretty Outfit for dh's company holiday dance. But, I was busy trying to convert the centimeters into yardages, and wasn't paying close attention and ended up buying fabric for the top and jacket and THE PATTERNS DON'T COME IN MY SIZE. Argh. I can make the skirt though. I'll have to look through my Burda Plus to see what kind of jackets and tops I can find. I don't have the mad grading skilz to make the Ottobre patterns bigger.

If you want more details about the top, I did a Pattern Review. I'm planning to make the other top, that has identical sleeves, but with a turtleneck next.

I ordered some wool melton from to make the "Salma" boiled wool coat. I ordered the green, but I also love the royal blue. They have some fun bright colors. I ordered some brown sweater knit from Emma One sock to make the "Every Woman's Favorite" cardigan, along with some rayon knit to make the Pigeon gray dress. I might try to make leggings to match the dress, so I can wear them with tall boots. I guess you can say I'm planning a whole fall wardrobe this year.

Chuy in her submissive pose. She's saying "please don't put me in my crate."

We have one cocoon from all of the parsley worms. I guess the birds or chipmunks ate the rest, but there's another worm left and I hope he also makes it into his shell.



Blogger Shannon said...

What a pretty top - I love all the details!

Oh, and a cute pup!

7:28 AM  
Blogger SisterDG said...

That's beautiful! I love those ruffles at the sleeves and the little drape at the neck.

7:35 AM  
Blogger marit said...

The top is really cute! I like Ottobre, they always seem to have patterns that fit...

3:41 PM  

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