Monday, September 14, 2009

Teal Undies

I wanted to try the Ottobre Panty pattern (size 50) and I still had the machines threaded in the teal color and had teal lingerie elastic (miracle of miracles!). I used some scraps from the dress. The panties fit great. They're a typical hipster type fit. I think I might try making a morphed bikini front pair, keeping the back with the same hipster coverage. I prefer bikinis so they don't show over the top of my pants but it's rare to find them in size 9 (except Hanes makes a pair I like).

See the cocoon on back of the little guy's head? I'm not sure whether one of the parsley worms made it or not because it's gray instead of green. Are they capable of camouflaging? I don't know.

The butterfly hatched out today and ds missed it. The dog chased it away a little while ago, but I'm glad I got a photo to show to ds. He'll be sad.

Honey bees on sedum. I've been looking for these bees all season. I guess I didn't have the right kind of blossoms to tempt them until now.

Today's project: canning pickled peaches. These take two days, which is actually nice because you can rest between the steps while your peaches are chilling in the fridge overnight. My grandmother used to make these and serve them at Thanksgiving and Christmas, which will be here before we know it. Her peach pickles had visible whole cloves in the jar, but my recipe called for steeping them in a spice bag, so I don't know how close these will taste to hers.

Thanks to Rose for the recommendation on the Teal dress. I ordered a bit more of that fabric, so I should be able to make some ties to insert in the side seams. It can't hurt. The next two items I want to sew are from wool, but it's still pretty hot here, so I might wait to get started on them. Nice to have a few new things sewn up already.

This is a crazy busy week. Some friends/family are visiting and we're seeing the Grey Gardens musical and going to a Journey concert on Saturday. Everybody's staying at my house, so I have some work to do around here.



Blogger Sherril said...

Mary, those peaches look good! I like the panties, thank you so much for sharing the size you sewed and what size you wear. Now I know I can sew the same.

8:24 PM  

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