Thursday, October 29, 2009

Socktoberfest 2009 - Second Pair

I can't believe I made two pairs of socks this month, it's been a long time since I knitted that much.

These are the Discovery Socks from Cat Bordhi's new sock book. Details are at Ravelry.

Basically, you knit a foot starting at the toe, trying it on as you go to get a custom shape for the foot. It was a little bit of a PITB for me since I like to use double pointed needles, because you have to transfer it to a string for all the try ons. The fun part is that you put lifelines in for the leg opening on the top of the foot and knit the heel first. Later, you close the heel with a three needle bindoff. You have to cut the yarn on top of the foot and open it up and knit a tube on the top for a leg. Very interesting construction.

Here are the star toes, which is where you start, invisibly. This was a new method for me, I don't think I can even explain it - go buy yourself the book -- it's cool. The book also has a section on the very stretch bindoff that I used for the last pair of socks from Can't wait to show this to my mom.

Star heel with the three needle bind off. I'm curious to see how this heel will wear, I'll let you know.

The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy (color is Flamingo Pie). First time I've ever used it, but I loved the pumpkin color and wanted to knit something out of it very badly. I always want to use fall colors in the fall, then I switch back to blues and greens in the winter.

I have another small project to post tomorrow. Seems like I go for weeks with nothing and then all the projects wind themselves up at once. . .



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