Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Last of the Summer Garden

We had frost twice this week, and it's way early for us here in Georgia. This is the last okra I'll have and I admit some of it got away from me because I wasn't cutting it in the rainy, rainy weather. I had to throw the really huge pods away because they're too tough to eat. Someone at the Apple Festival was selling okra pods painted with winter scenes as Christmas Tree ornaments. I loved it! There's an idea. . .

I planted some pots for my front porch. Too bad they can't be seen from the street, too much slope. I know that they're there. . .

I cut all the peppers yesterday. (Bell, ancho, and jalapeno.)

Pickled them today. The liquid is cloudy, but I think it's because I ran out of white vinegar and substituted a cup of cider vinegar and a cup of rice wine vinegar.

One of the lids was kind of blown out and dented. I think this is from overtightening the rings. I've never had it happen before, but I'll make sure to keep this one for myself and eat it within two weeks, just to be safe.

I still have a few apples left, and I want to make this caramel apple jam next. Then I'll be finished with all the canning for this year. You would think that I would have a full cupboard by now, but I've given almost half of it away as gifts. It's so nice to have something homemade in hand as a hostess gift for friends.



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