Monday, July 07, 2008

Northeast GA Mountains

The house we rented was on the site of an old grist mill. Here's the dam and waterfall.

There were a lot of pools at the base where the kids splashed around and caught crawfish. The water was so COLD.

That's the old water wheel with the house behind it.

This is dd at the Foxfire Museum. I think this building was called the Dogtrot Cabin.

We did a little bit of hiking and letterboxing. The boys went gem mining and we all went white water rafting in North Carolina. The river was a nice easy one, so my youngest had a great time. He's not old enough or heavy enough for the rougher waters.

There's a vegetable stand on 441 called *Goats on the Roof* and it really had goats on the roof. The kids loved it.

The girls went horseback riding at the Dillard House. (Micki I'm sure that's the place you were thinking of.) We ate lunch there afterwards. It was fantastic country food. The kids loved one of the butternut squash dishes, so I bought a Dillard House cookbook, which has a lot of history and other information about the area.

We didn't have time to make it to Tallullah Falls, which was a bit disappointing. That's a reason to go back.



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