Monday, March 17, 2008

Crocheted Shamrocks

We had scary storms nearby on Friday and Saturday, but nothing close to where I am. We had to evacuate a birthday party we attended Saturday due to a tornado warning, but it was a false alarm.

I made a couple of these Lacy Clovers in my spare time. The first one is with a double stranded crochet thread (Gemini Double Crochet by Coats and Clark) and I think it could have used a bigger hook. (Ignore my dirty ironing board cover, ick.)

This one is some leftover Aunt Lydia's size 10. I tied a ribbon to it to make a bookmark.

Sunday was gorgeous, and ds and I did some letterboxing. Here he is retrieving a box from above a huge waterfall. I wish I had taken more photos so you could get an idea of how high above the falls he was, yikes!

I am amazed at how many great places there are nearby for hiking, which I would not have discovered if not for this hobby. There are some very *wild* places right in the middle of our city. The ones near the waterfall are National Park Service trails -- I had no idea they existed, it's just a big green spot on the map.

I was just reading an article in our local paper about how many people in the area claim Irish ancestry. My mother is an amateur genealogist, so I had her print off a family tree for ds when I visited her last weekend. (Ds is at the age where family history comes up in school projects.) We have one male ancestor born in Ireland in 1753, another born 1700, Ulster, Ireland, his wife, born in Ulster, Ireland. There are about 3 born in County Antrim, Ireland in the early 1700s too. I can't calculate the percentage, but maybe mom's computer program could. I think all of my Irish ancestors came over long before the potato famine, that was mid-1800s, right? Most of them came to South Carolina. Was it a penal colony back then?? Ha. . .



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