Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Week, Gone?

We've had beautiful weather here, and the bugs aren't out in force yet. That means I've been outside. I usually walk a lot this time of year, but since I've discovered letterboxing, it gives me even more incentive to be outside.

I have to admit becoming obsessed with some of the clues, particularly the ones written in code. You have to have an *inner Nancy Drew* to spend time on this, I think. It's very satisfying to decode something, then go to the actual physical location and find what you're looking for.

Yesterday I went on a hike/letterbox search in a nearby National Park. It was a gorgeous day and the trail went alongside a large creek hidden away in the middle of town. When you begin, you can still hear traffic roaring by, but things get calmer as you hike deeper inside. It's a nice easy trail, and then this:

There's a whole section that's roped off. The letterbox clues say that the trail continues over the rocks, so of course I continue. If I had been just hiking, I would have turned around. I think this letterboxing thing makes you so determined to find the prize, that some of your common sense and judgment goes to the wayside. And of course, that hilarious image of the guy busting his butt (an official sign, mind you) should give a person pause.

Needless to say, I survived (I'm here!) and even had to return the same way, meaning I had to cover that section twice. I didn't take any photos, I was a little stressed out at the time, but let me just tell you it was wet dripping rocks hanging over a big (polluted and sewage-reeking) stream. Just when you crossed a section and thought you were finished, there was another rock face to cross. . . Whew. . .

But I was proud to survive it.

Here's a a side view of an old dam. This creek is home to an old Civil War era textile mill that was burned to the ground by W. T. Sherman. I'm going back over to the mill side today with a friend to show her around and look for another letterbox.

This tree has a bizarre canker that looks just like a kiwi fruit.

I think the weather's going to be a little rainy this weekend, which is good, because I haven't practiced any drawing all week. I've got a pair of socks going, but they're not very exciting. I ordered yarn to make a crocheted afghan, which is will be the next big project. I want to sew too. (Scattered much??)



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