Friday, March 07, 2008

Out of Sorts

The knitting is done on this interminable sweater. I think I'll do a crocheted shell edging on it. I like the natural roll on the sleeves, but I don't need that kind of curling on the hem edge, rubbing against my chair every time I sit down, ugh. . .

I think I might play with this next:

My friend's daughter (my friend who likes garden gnomes) is having a birthday party next weekend, so I might make some of these for her. Maybe the daughter will like them too -- she's turning 5.

This weekend I'm supposed to go visit my parents and a friend who lost her dad last month. Naturally, I had the whole trip planned around letterboxing. There are 4 (4!!!) boxes hidden in interstate rest stops and various places on the way up there and it's only a 100 mile drive. . . However, it's raining like crazy today, but tomorrow is supposed to be windy with snow flurries, so I can't decide whether to drive up tonight or tomorrow. . . The traffic will be a rush-hour nightmare if I go tonight. Just can't decide, but I need to call my mom and let her know.

The other problem is I ordered this book for my Dad's birthday next week, and it's not here yet from amazon -- they're usually quicker than that.

I am so bad about ordering things online and then expecting them to arrive instantly. I ordered some rain boots and a pair of all weather sneakers from LLBean this week and now I'm mad because it's raining today and they're not here yet. So impatient. . .

I think I posted that I planted a letterbox in a nearby park a couple of weeks ago (the box with the cheerleading megaphone stamp). We had a severe windstorm come through a week later, and the park was closed while they removed all the downed trees. Yesterday I went to check on it and it's still there and all the landmarks are in place, so it's good to go. I hope some letterboxer finds it this weekend.



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