Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Modern Quilt Wrap

I've been down with the flu (or a cold? I can never tell) for a week, still have a sick kid home today, so that means lots of knitting time.

I finished the Modern Quilt Wrap. It took 9 balls of Rowan Kid Silk Haze. I substituted a couple of colors (pale pink and dark green for yellow and bright blue) because my yarn shop didn't stock them. I think it's nice to change it up and make it your own a little bit. I used a size 7 Addi Natura bamboo circular. It took me a little over 3 weeks (which included a long weekend holiday of no knitting) to knit it and about 3 days to weave in the ends.

Here's the back side, so you can see the ends. What a job.

This is a shot of the whole thing blocking to give you an idea of the finished size, I'm guessing it's about 90 inches long.

So now I've moved on to crocheting some little valentine's things. I've got a huge cone of pink thread that my mom gave me and it is perfect for some lace.


Blogger Amanda Cathleen said...

Beautiful! Great job weaving in all those ends. You sure have a lovely wrap now : )

2:24 PM  
Blogger marit said...

You did it! You actually finished it! It is gorgeous!!! I'd hate to weave in all those ends though...
What a cute little heart:-)

3:31 PM  
Blogger vickibarkley said...

This is really beautiful. You should be proud of it.

10:16 PM  

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