Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm back to embroidery again. I found these Kewpie Towel Kits at Mary Maxim. I also got some terry bath towel kits that show the Kewpie in the bathtub. I have quite a collection of Kewpie figurines -- I used them in dd's nursery when she was a baby along with a bunch of framed vintage baby prints. I'm thinking about crocheting some lace trim to go along the bottom hem of this one.

I was playing around with this free pattern. for some reason, only the one on the left came out looking nice, the other two are lopsided and weird and I even reworked the one in the center a couple of times.

I love this little tiny heart. It's supposed to be a refrigerator magnet, but I'm not sure what I'll do with it. It would make a great American Girl applique, you could put it on a hat or a bag. . .

It seems like the past two weeks went by like a blink in the eye. I'm starting to feel a bit better, so I hope to get my mojo back soon. I really want to get some closet curtains sewn for dd's room this weekend. We'll see.

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